Statement of Purpose


We envisage a world of equity, justice, and peace where people achieve their full potential and live a life of quality and dignity in harmony.



GAITF provides program and support to our poor and abandoned brethren through community services and assistance center. To empower, promote and protect the right of every individual. To create content that educates, informs and inspires. To create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice. As the shepherd of the resources, we are faithful in delivering and sharing it to our needy people or fellowmen.


Statement of Purpose

A private non-sectarian institution of learning, Global Academy Institute of Technology Foundation, Inc. aims to:

Provide basic (early childhood, elementary, high school), vocational, higher, and non – conventional or alternative education for the total development of individual students in an academic environment conducive to teaching and learning;
To promote community development through skills, knowledge and people empowerment, assistance, and open/operate TESDA Assessment Center and Information Center;
To promote moral recovery and social responsibility with community involvement;
To provide better access and facilities to enhance level of competence and literacy;
To provide scholarship program, educational assistance/allowance, and educational financial assistance;
To provide community development assistance, financial assistance and livelihood program;
To provide program for Human Resource Development and Peace Building towards the achievement of peace and child protection;
To work for Improvement, Protection and Livelihood Program to Farmers and Workers;
To promote preservation of culture heritage, cultural facilities and relics; and
Promotion of sports, music , arts, and health.

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