GAITF Overcome the Challenge from COVID-19

GAITF Overcome the Challenge from COVID-19


Due to the pandemic COVID-19 the Global Academy Institute of Technology Foundation Inc. adapted the new normal situation. Through this, the Foundation mandated that all the GAITF Personnel must follow the preventive measures every time. Among the preventive measures that the GAITF Personnel’s followed were upon entering the GAITF campus, they will undergo foot bathing, checking of their body temperature and wear their face mask, because the Foundation implemented the “No Facemask No Entry” policy. After checking their temperature, they will take a hand washing before and always maintained 1-meter distancing going to their designated areas that have a hand sanitizer to ensure that everyone is safe. Most of the teachers are in the same area, the same as the admin staff to do their respective duties and responsibilities.

Since the foundation offers a CSS training to help, students as well as the teachers to be a productive citizen of the community. The GAITF TESDA personnel went to the TESDA office last October 20, 2020 to comply the requirements needed for the assessment of the TESDA SCHOLARS that most of them are teachers of the said foundation. To check if all the needed requirements are complete, the GAITF TESDA personnel goes back last October 26, 2020.

As usual, the teachers are conducting their online classes every Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the remaining days of the week are to do their paper works. The same with the GAITF admin personnel’s, they are doing their respective duties and responsibilities.



On October 28, 2020, the President of the foundation received an unwanted news that one of the TESDA personnel in the Province is a positive with the COVID-19. As mentioned above that GAITF and TESDA Personnel had a close contact with each other due to training assessment of students in Computer System Servicing (CSS), the President of the Foundation responsibly released an advisory to all Personnel of the GAITF for totally lock-down for the following purposes.

  • To disinfect the school’s facilities especially the GAITF TESDA office.
  • All the GAITF Personnel will do a self-quarantine starting October 29, 2020-November 11, 2020.

The President also released an order for the postponement of the distribution and returning of modules on that week and will resume by November 12, 2020 by the GAITF Support Personnel. Also, he mandated that all the GAITF Personnel must be boarding online to cater the queries of the students and communities’ concerns. Lastly, he imposed the policy of no transactions will be made inside the school campus, it should be done through online.


Right after the lock-down of the school, the President released another advisory that all the GAITF Personnel are required to undergo mandatory Online Course on COVID-19 Contact Tracing Guidelines using the GAITF SIMS in order to monitor and track all personnel’s and students’ Health Conditions. They are obliged to update their SIMS account before going back by November 12, 2020 for work.

GAITF as an Institution with a strong commitment to the community through social responsibility and accountability. The…

Posted by Global Academy Institute of Technology Foundation Inc. on Thursday, October 29, 2020


Two days after releasing the advisory, the President shared an information to all the GAITF stakeholders that the School is equipped with the online platforms such as SIMS, HRIS, LCMS in which GAITF Personnel can access the system and continue their work at home. He also gives emphasis that the school followed the Health essential and protocol requirements. The Foundation gives a free facemask, face shield and hand sanitizer and observing and maintaining the strict social-distancing in every office with the compliance of the safety protocols.

The following days, with collaboration of the School and Barangay Poblacion, they scheduled the Rapid testing to all the GAITF Personnel including the School President and School Directress dated November 06, 2020 at Barangay Poblacion Titay Isolation Facility including the two person’s working at TESDA Office. To ensure if they are carrier of the said virus or not, for the safety of their family as long as the people around them. Results came on the same date, of 34 individuals 5 of them were tested REACTIVE on their IgG and automatically undergo an isolation and subjected for SWAB TESTING in the afternoon. They are known of having close contact with patient 022 in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay. For the NON-REACTIVE individual, they can report to their respective duties in the school, for they know they are safe.

The 5 individuals remain in the Barangay Isolation and waiting for the results of their test. The foundation then, supported their basic needs in terms foods and encouraged them to be stronger and have faith with God. November 10, 2020, RHU-TITAY were glad to inform everyone that the five (5) close contact to Ipil 022 RT PCR swab tested last November 06, 2020 yielded NEGATIVE.

What a wonderful and blessful evening!
Thanks God for this awesome news!!!
Thanks RHU – Titay for the Result…

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In the current uncertain times, we may not know exactly why we suffer, but God’s word tells us how we can endure. To keep us encouraged, we need to remember that our Savior suffered with and for us,

“Suffering—God’s Goodness and God’s Power”

Thanks to DOLE for extending Cash Aid to the 32 GAITF Personnel affected by COVID-19 measures under the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP).

Posted by Global Academy Institute of Technology Foundation Inc. on Sunday, November 15, 2020

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